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McGee, Clive, University of Waikato
McGuigan, Nicholas
McIlroy, Andrea, Distance Education Association of New Zealand
McIlroy, Andrea, Journal of Distance Learning
McIlroy, Andrea, Massey University
McKay, Elspeth, RMIT University
McLachlan-Smith, Claire, Auckland University of Technology
McLachlan-Smith, Claire, University of Auckland
McMurtrie, Colin, University of Canterbury
Mersham, Gary, The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand
Meuleman, Nicky, Open Polytechnic
Milne, John, Massey University
Mitchell, David, Waikato Institute of Technology
Moore, Catherine, Swinburne University of Technology
Murray, Fiona, Massey University


Nash, Catherine Theresa Mary, Open Polytechnic of New Zealand
Naughton, Christopher, New Zealand Tertiary College
Nguyen, Nhung, Auckland University of Technology
Nicholas, Karen, University of Canterbury
Nichols, Mark, Laidlaw College
Nichols, Mark, Open University, United Kingdom (United Kingdom)
Nichols, Mark, The Open University, UK
Nichols, Mark, The UK Open University
Nichols, Mark (New Zealand)
Nichols, Mark, Laidlaw College

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