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Acer, Chris, Northern Integrated Teacher Education Project (Uganda)
Adelstein, David, Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning
Agnew, Stephen Robert, University of Canterbury (New Zealand)
Alexander-Bennett, Carolyn, FarNet Community of Online Learning (New Zealand)
Alford, Michael, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (Switzerland)
Amaru, Lois, Correspondence School (New Zealand)
Anderson, Barry, Solte Consulting (Canada)
Anderson, Bill, Retired (New Zealand)
Anderson, Bill, Massey University (New Zealand)
Anderson, Bill, University of Otago
Anderson, Bill, University of Otago (New Zealand)
Anderson, Bill
Anderson, Hamish, Massey University
Archee, Ray, University of Western Sydney (Australia)
Auma-Okumo, Santo, Kyambogo University (Uganda)


Barbour, Michael K
Barbour, Michael, University of Georgia (United States)
Barbour, Michael K, Wayne State University
Barbour, Michael
Barbour, Michael, Wayne State University (United States)
Barr, Hugh, Waikato Institute of Technology (New Zealand)
Beck, Dennis, University of Arkansas (United States)
Bennett, Carolyn, FarNet: VLN E-Learning Cluster
Bennett, Carolyn, FarNet VLNE
Bewley, Don, Massey University (New Zealand)

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